Innovation with integrity

Senior Systems Engineer

Creative solutions to complex problems

Specializing in high speed data communications using fiber optics and RF/microwave links

Fiber optic network and system design

High speed circuit board design and signal integrity.


  • US7134029 - Computer-component power-consumption monitoring and control - 11/07/2006
  • US7003409 - Predictive failure analysis and failure isolation using current sensing - 02/21/2006
  • US7238218 - Memory prefetch method and system - 07/03/2007
  • US7516393 - System and method of error detection for unordered data delivery - 04/07/2009
  • US7538560 - System and method for component failure protection - 05/26/2006
  • US8651386 - Electronic card and method for generating a magnetic field from swiping the electronic card through a card reader - 02/18/2014


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